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Introduction to the Advocacy Tool

Chapter 1: The Politics of International Development Finance

Chapter 2: Interconnectedness of International Development Finance

Chapter 3: Advocacy Forums

Chapter 4: Strengths and Weaknesses of Existing Rights Based Protection Frameworks

Chapter 5: Traditional vs. Innovative Approaches to Rights Based Advocacy, with examples from the Pulp Mill Case

Chapter 6: Strategic Advocacy- Lessons Learned

Chapter 7: Innovative Approaches to Communication

Chapters in Progress

Chapter 8: Comprehensive Advocacy (forthcoming)

Chapter 9: To Engage or not to Engage, that is the Question (forthcoming)

Chapter 10: The Essence of Fundraising (forthcoming)

Chapter 11: Int’l Volunteers: For those would be int’l volunteers to local NGOs–Written by one! (forthcoming)


Press Releases in the Pulp Mill Case


Other Documents

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